Australian Survivor Blood V Water: Meet The Final 4 For 2022

Ahead of the Australian Survivor: Blood V Water grand finale, one of these four players will be crowned Sole Survivor.

There’s not long now until we’ll find out who the jury will vote as this year’s sole survivor as Mark, Shay, Chrissy and Josh face the final challenges before the very last tribal council of the season.

They’ve survived blindsides, tribe swaps, purgatory and the wrath of Jonathan LaPaglia’s twists and turns, but only one can be crowned Sole Survivor. Here are the final 4 for Australian Survivor: Blood V Water.


Coming into the game, no one was more honest about how little Survivor knowledge they had than Chrissy. The ultimate underdog, Chrissy had to learn on her feet, adapting her gameplay after losing Croc in a blindside and relying on her undeniably strong social game.

Forging real connections with players, Chrissy has managed to stroll through the latter part of the game, with a measly two votes against her across the entire season. Though she has yet to make the big bold move to bolster her ‘Survivor resume’, Chrissy has played one of the best social games. But will it be enough to earn her the title of Sole Survivor?

Individual immunity wins: 0.

Memorable moments: Finding a clue at reward, and any time she referred to herself as a 'hot mess'.


After tribe swap, Josh began to emerge as a quiet but deadly strategist who knew exactly how to split a vote, stack numbers and undermine any attempts to take shots at his allies. Being a tank when it came to challenges didn’t hurt his chances either.

Fortified with a strong alliance when it came to merge, it took the purgatory three returning to the game for Josh’s tight majority to finally be cracked open, and even still his relationships continued to protect him. Making it to the final four, Josh is one of the biggest threats in the game with a full resume of moves, some strong allies on the jury and a whole lot of determination to get all the way to the end.

Individual immunity wins: 2.

Memorable moments: Receiving his letter from home and learning he was going to be a dad.

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Returning to the game with Sam, Mark had one of the biggest targets on his back from Day 1. Knowing this, Mark was able to insulate himself throughout the game, shrouding himself with shields and players that could be perceived as more pressing threats. Making it to merge and being reunited with Sam, the game really took off when the dynamic duo managed to snag two idols between the two of them.

Mark has also proven across the season what a physical threat he is, and managing to put his trust in the right people at the right time has seen him avoid being blindsided, getting one of the biggest threats in the game that much closer to the title of Sole Survivor.

Individual immunity wins: 2.

Memorable moments: The myriad of idol-related fibs he and Sam told in the past few weeks.


Shay has been called a challenge beast from the outset. Her ability to perform in physically taxing and endurance challenges has time and time again saved her skin from being voted out. When the tribe were finally able to vote Shay out, she was the first of four to be delivered to purgatory, where she spent the longest time out of any player.

Despite having to survive with next to nothing in purgatory, Shay managed to win her way back into the game, and worked alongside the misfits to chip away at the majority alliance that had such a stranglehold on the game up to that point. The last remaining misfit, is Shay the underdog who could take out the top spot once and for all?

Individual immunity wins: 3 (including the pre-merge challenge on Day 24).

Memorable moments: Surviving and thriving in purgatory longer than any other player, before winning her way back into the game.

Find out who will be crowned Sole Survivor when the Australian Survivor: Blood V Water grand finale airs Monday at 7.30 on Network 10 and 10 play on demand