Just For Laughs Australia Moments To Bring You The LOLs

Hosted by comedian Tommy Little, Just For Laughs Australia is the event that sees the world's best comedians deliver comedy gold!

Performing at The Sydney Opera House, the comedians include  Rove, Dave Hughes, Randy, Margaret Cho, Judith Lucy, Joel Creasey and Charlie Pickering. 

We’ve compiled some standouts from the show!  

Hannah Gadsby V Taylor Swift Lyrics  

World-renowned Aussie comedian Hannah Gadsby had a lot to say about Taylor Swifts lyrics, in particular how many songs use rain metaphors, or as Gadsby puts it, “rain-based lyrics”. Hannah had issue with Swift’s lyrics “you stand there like a ghost shaking from the rain”. Hannah made the valid point, “pretty sure ghosts are not affected by inclement weather”.  

Peter Helliar Confusion At Pilates  

Comedian, actor and The Project co-host Peter Helliar spoke about his experience with Pilates and being overly confident going into a class due to his logic that, because he “stretches before exercising” all exercise can be completed without issue. Pete also had a bone to pick with the Pilates reformer, referring to the contraption as “50 Shades of Grey meets Game of Thrones”.  

Rhys Darby Handshake Technique  

New Zealand comedic icon Rhys Darby spoke about his hatred of all forms of greetings besides the handshake. Rhys showcased his technique that ensures people will shake his hand instead of going in for a fist bump or hug. Rhys said “six metes away you will see me coming in, arm extended for a handshake” adding “I’ve even crossed the road with one”.  

 Cal Wilson And The Dog Park Lady  

The much beloved comedian Cal Wilson delivered a few hilarious stories to the audience. Cal declared herself a cat lady, saying “I have a husband and son purely for camouflage”. Cal further spoke about meeting a woman at a dog park that liked to pretend she had a dog to a traumatic experience at the gym, involving Cal’s gym buddy not wearing underwear.  

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